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300 in iraq. the bombing started yesterday after a judge sentenced iraq's fugitive sunni vice president to death by hanging on charges he masterminded the death squads against rivals. the car bombs tore through six different baghdad neighborhoods. this was one of the deadliest days in iraq since american soldiers pulled out of that country. >>> prince harry's helicopter training in afghanistan starts today. the prince recently arrived there for his second tour of duty. officials say harry did not want any royal treatment during the mission. he'll be inasmuch danger as almost any other member of the military. he's already completed a two-day course on shooting and roadside bomb awareness. his last mission was back in 2008. it was kept a secret because of security concerns. >>> the faa still trying to figure out how a piece of an airplane landed in a man's front yard in washington state. police say a landing gear door from a boeing 767 landed in thy. that piece is roughly the size of a refrigerator door, and it missed a parked car by just a few feet. luckily, nobody was hurt whe
closest ally. my opponent said that it was tragic to end the war in iraq, and he won't tell us how he will end the war in afghanistan. well, i have and i will. >> president obama took credit for safing millions of americans jobs in his first term and promised to keep focusing on the middle class in his second term. >>> this morning many areal aing gabrielle giffords' appearance at the convention emotional. she led delegates in the pledge of allegiance. >> one nation under god, indivisible, liberty and justice for all. >> giffords was helped on stage by her friend congressman debbie wasserman schultz. after that she cheered her name, a mass shooting in tucson left her with a severe brain injury. she resign fred congress earlier this year to focus on her recovery. >>> coming up on 4:37 now. fresh off bill clinton's enthusiastic endorsement of president obama, a new tv, a d from the romney campaign is using clinton's words against the president. >> he's a good soldier helping the party's president but what did bill clinton say about barack obama in 2008. >> give me a break. this whole th
blame president bush more than president obama and give me a break? it's clinton talking about iraq war policy. his comments had nothing to do with obama's economic policy. the implication that it does, that's false, ad tracker concludes. if you're saying give me a break when it comes to ads on both sides, you're stuck. negative campaign ads are proven to be effective campaign techniques so you're stuck. you want to check out any of the individual ads? you can link to political ad tracker through our website gary nurenberg, 9news. >>> 4:34 now. anti-american protests continue in the middle east and in asia. in india, demonstrators stomped on an american flag and set police cars on fire as they were protesting an antiislammic film which was made in california. demonstrators pulled down a billboard and now u.s. officials are urging world leaders to speak out against these incidents. >>> for years women soldiers have been wearing body armor which didn't fit their faller frames. the army has now developed armor which is tailored specifically to fit women's physiques. the tactical
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3